How to open a Baidu PPC account in 2016?

Updated on 01/01/2016 by anitazhengzz

Baidu PPC platform is call "Phoenix Nest" in China, which is similar to Google AdWords, but the designs are very different and the procedure is also complicated. I write this in details, so that you could have a better understand how to set up Baidu PPC account or Baidu SEM account. Feel free to contact me:

Step 1, Prepare a Chinese website.

Before you open a PPC account, you have to prepare a Chinese website and send the website address to Baidu, so that they can tell you whether you are allowed to do advertising in Baidu.

In China, there are many restrictions on advertisings. Not every industry can be allowed to do advertising in mainland. For example, medicine, tobacco and lottery are all not permitted to do advertising in Baidu.

Step 2, Provide 4 materails as follows,

a, Passport of business owner

b, Company certificate

c, A file to prove the owner's relation with the business

d, A governmental website URL where can look up your company information online through your company number

Step 3, Get all files translated by the translation company specified by Baidu

Baidu also asks all files in non-Chinese to be translated into Chinese. At present, there are only 5 translation companies authorized by Baidu to translate all files for their foreign clients.

Step 4, Sign and seal on all orignal files with clearly letters

Because most foreigners' signatures can't be identified clearly as their names, so Baidu will ask you sign again on the passport and licence with clearly letters. This procedure also confuses some of my foreign clients.

Step 5, Sign and seal a contract, an agreement and a commitment letter with Baidu.

However, the contract includes 5 pages, 3 pages' contract is in English, 2 pages' contract is in Chinese. And 6 pages' agreement, one page's commitment letter

1 page's commitment letter

Step 6, Prepay your advertising money into Baidu Platform.

Baidu doesn't accept any foreign credit card and PayPal, for the initial deposit, Baidu even asks you to pay by going to their local store not online. If you have me as your representative, you obviously save a lot of time and trouble!

Step 7, Get your PPC account from Baidu.

Finally you have passed all steps above. Congratulations! Now you could get your ads online.

The procedure seems complicated, but don't worry, just send me the files and I will represent you to deal with Baidu!

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