Why Baidu PPC matters?

Updated on 03/25/2014 by anitazhengzz

Are you ready to target the Chinese market? Today there will be 5 billions of Chinese searches performed on Baidu every day, covered 95% Chinese internet users. Many of them looking for exactly what you are selling. Your business is only one click away from your customers with Baidu PPC.

The process of getting your Chinese website to the top and right side of Baidu is known as Baidu PPC: Baidu Pay Per Click Advertising.

Baidu is the largest search engine in China. And Baidu PPC has proven to be the best effective marketing methords in China. It's fast, cost-effective and high-ROIed. More and more company from China itself and all over the world are joining Baidu PPC advertising.

China Baidu PPC VS. Baidu SEO

Results are coming more quicker; Positions on the 1st SERPs are more important; Campaigns are more controllable......

China Baidu PPC is not only a complement of Baidu SEO any more. It is as important as Baidu SEO.

How can your website cover all positions on the 1st SERPs of Baidu only by SEO?

How can your website get all business chances from Baidu only by SEO?

Today the first 8 positions on the left in Baidu are all PPC results, these 8 positions on the first search results page of Baidu are much more important than the organic results which are far below the PPC ones.

How can your website get more clicks if it is under the first 8 PPC results? Most organic SEO results start from 9th now. See an example

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